Testimony 1

1. Healing from prolonged painful legs/feet
2. Deliverance from tormenting nightmares
3. Healing/Deliverance for her son who struggled with painful eyes during exams time
4. Family Deliverance – her uncle is now healed and gas stopped drinking
5. Healing for her colleague
Today Miss Thandi Montlonya from eMfuleni testifies of the great work of God and the #anointing in her life.
Her first testimony is about her healing. For a very long time before she was at New Jerusalem Ministries, she suffered from painful feet/legs. At some point in time she was hospitalized because of them. At this time she was also pregnant.
The second testimony is about her deliverance from evil dreams/nightmares. She says that before she got to NJ, she struggled with sleeping. As every time e she slept, she would dream of herself fighting with a snake. This never happened again since she stepped at NJM.

Her third testimony is about her child’s healing. The child struggled at school due to an eye problem. Strangely, the eyes would get painful only when it was time for exams. Through the working of the anointing the child no longer has the problem since they started at NJM. The child is excelling at school and even receives academic awards.

Her fourth testimony is of her family deliverance. She says that his uncle has been sick for over 5 years. She went to visit them earlier in June 2019, carrying with her the #anointing #oil. She got there and anointed him and the whole house. The uncle is now totally healed. He was also a heavy drinker, he has since stopped drinking alcohol. More on her family deliverance, the mother received her “SUB” and she has already went to sign for it.
Her fight testimony is about how God used her to bring healing to her colleague. The colleague suffered from “ibekelo”. As Miss Thandi was busy telling her of the wonders of God in her life, the women received her healing. She is now free from “ibekelo”

Thank you Jesus for such great work!

Connect yourself to these testimonies as you read and believe that your ls are coming.
Contact us and come to New Jerusalem and meet the Man of God.

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