"A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education."
~~Theodore Roosevelt

This is a very inexpensive way to create your own bible memorization system. And even more important, it's EASY! Here's a small list of items you'll need to set up your own system:

Index card file box (for 3x5 cards)
Dividers for the file box
Ruled 3x5 index cards
A pen
Bible Verses

If you prefer the 4x6 size cards and file box, that's entirely your option. Also, you can color code your verses if you'd like ... for example, verses from the Old Testament on blue, verses from the New Testament on yellow; or verses pertaining to Jesus on one color, verses on salvation on another color, etc., etc., etc.


To make your system extremely easy to use, you will first need to set up your file box.

1. Label your first divider: New Verses

2. Label your second divider: Daily Verses

3. Label your third divider: This Week

4. Label your fourth divider: Next Week

5. Label your fifth divider: This Month

6. Label your sixth divider: Next month.


Choose a BIble verse that you want to memorize. Write it out on an index card. This card goes in back of Divider #1, New Verses. Practice it daily until you can say the whole verse. After you have memorized it, move it in back of Divider #2, Daily Verses. You will practice it every day for the next 10 days. Write the dates you said it on the back of the index card. After you have marked down 10 dates, move the index card in back of Divider #3, This Week. For the next 10 weeks, say the verse, date it on back and move it to Next Week. At the beginning of each week, move all of the verses in Next Week back to This Week. After you have marked it ten times, move it to Divider #5, This Month. Each month say the verse, mark it on back, and move it to Next Month. At the beginning of each month, move all of the verses in Next Month back to This Month. When you get a large number of verses in monthly, take the first week fo every month as a review week to go over these verses.

In review, here's the basics of the system:

New Verse - Memorize the verse, then move it to ...
Daily Verse - Say it and date it for 10 days, then move to ...
This Week - Say it and date it, then move it to ...
Next Week - At the beginning of each week, move these verses to This Week; do this for 10 weeks then move it to ...
This Month - Say it and date it, then move it to ...
Next Month - At the beginning of each month, move these Verses to This Month.

If you prefer to not use the individual index cards for each verse, you could use a notebook with dividers.


* Give the verse reference at the beginnning. This reference might help in remembering the verse.

* Write the verse out.

* Recitation (repeating it often helps with the memorization process).

* Record your Bible verses on a cassette and listen to them throughout the day (in particular, just before you go to sleep).

Thanks to Danny Stewart for this Study

Background Graphic by Randy Stewart

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