Testimony 3

1. Deliverance (nightmares/evil spirits tormenting her life)
2. Miracle money
Today, we hear of the testimony of Nomawethu and her mother, Gogo (age 78) from Strand.

Nomawethu came came to New Jerusalem Ministries for the first time on 16 June 2019.

On that day, the Man of God declared that everyone who was in attendance at that service had already receive a testimony.
For a while, approximately 3 months from the 16th of June, Gogo suffered from the torment of evil spirits. In daylight, while awake, she would see unfamiliar things and evil spirits.
On the 16th of June, Nomawethu administered the #anointing #oil on her. From that day, she got delivered and no longer now had those evil visions again.
The Man of God explaining to the congregation that the testimony went beyond her deliverance but she got rescued from death. Saying that, we should think of the many horrendous stories we get to hear of, of elderly people being murdered. Accused of witchcraft because of such incidents.
Miracle Money:

Upon receiving the words of the Man of God that, everyone who was in attendance at the 16th of June had received a testimony, Gogo believed. She believed that she also had her own testimony.

On the 25th of June, Gogo received her old age pension. However, both her and her daughter were astonished to discover that the money was more than the one she usually receives. Also remembering the words of the Prophet.
Gogo expressed great joy as she was making this testimony. In awe, that at her age, God would do something such miraculous for her. They were both overjoyed and amazed at how God works.

Thank you Jesus for such a great testimony!

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