Testimony 4

1. Healing (Stomachache; Crippled arm)
2. Family Deliverance

Gogo from eMfuleni came before the congregation to testify on the goodness of the Lord in her life.

Her #first testimony is that if her deliverance. In 2015, Gogo suffered from a stomach ache. Her granddaughter besides her ministered unto her the #anointingoil dispensed by the Man of God. She instantly received her healing.

This year, in mid June, she encountered a pain in her arm, making her to struggle in using it. Coming to church for the first time, the Man of God prayed for her and she got healed.

The #second testimony is that of her family deliverance. 
For the month of June, the Man of God asked the conngreangts to write down requests for their families and he would pray over them.

Gogo dis so. She wrote about her son who had difficulties in his marriage. After she gave in those requests, her son solved things between him and his wife. Not only that, the couple went on to buy a second #car.

More on her family requests. Her last born son suffered from nightmares, he would hear and see things in his sleep.
She also pit him in her prayer request. The son is now delivered from those nightmares and is able to sleep well.

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