Buhle and Sihle NcapayI – Favour

Praise the Lord for he is good and his mercy endures forevermore. Amen.

In 2022 we were doing our final year at college and there was a post for electrical apprenticeship we were encouraged to apply for it and we submitted our CVs in November 2022. In December 2022 there was a prayer line at church we wrote down our prayer requests for the favour of God so that we receive the apprenticeship and the Man of God prayed for us.

Our academic results came out in January 2023 on a Tuesday, but we decided to collect them on Thursday. We went to school on Thursday and we got our results then we submitted them together with our CVs to the office (since we were required to submit our recent academic results) that’s when we found out that there is an interview taking place for the apprenticeship. The program manager delighted to see us that day was shocked when he heard that we were not called for the interview and he told us to go and join the interview since it was the last day for it. We were so amazed and nervous because we did not prepare for the interview and decided to text the Woman of God we told her what we were going through that time and she replied saying “It is yours, Be bold and be courageous the spirit of God is with you”.

Then we went to the interview, we got interviewed at the same time and the interview process was so easy and we were never asked difficult questions. We were told to expect feedback the following week, Monday or Tuesday but we did not get feedback. Then we told the Woman of God again and she said “Don’t worry, It is yours”. Then the following day, Wednesday, we went to school to ask what was happening because we did not get the response. The program manager told us that we got the Electrical Apprenticeship. We signed a three year contract and will begin month end of March 2023.

We are here to glorify Jesus for all he has done in our lives.


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