Charity Organisation

Changing lives. Building homes.

AIM: Provide the less fortunate a platform where they see it possible to achieve their dreams.

Goal: Assist families with food, clothes and children with their school supplies as well as guidance.


Education is our top priority. We believe every child deserves equal opportunities regardless of their statues.

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Every penny we raise helps to increase the number of food we are distributing monthly. Your contribution makes a difference.



We are accepting second-hand clothes in good shape. Your contribution brings dignity and confidence to the homeless.

Please note your donation does not go to our Offices or payment on our voluntary employees.  We encourage you to witness our distribution and see how each donations matter, even the smallest ones to you. Donate anything you have and be part of our life changing Journey!

Recent Causes

Rebuild School:

Donate to rebuild central School in Cape-Town.

Goal: $90000

Food And Clean Water:

Donate to provide food and water supplies for children in Africa.

Goal: $76000

School Supplies:

Donate to help us buy books and etc for kids who can’t afford it

Goal: $20000

Become a Volunteer

Join hands with us to better life and beautiful future.

Our Plan

All donations will go to support 3 main problems: food, education, clothes. Our project focuses on meeting basic human needs. As there is an increase in homelessness and the current economy downgrades daily, we saw a need to intercedes as number of the needy increases.